Champion Zero

Flora Wiegmann and Drew Heitzler

Champion Fine Art was initiated in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in September of 2003 by Drew Heitzler and Flora Wiegmann as an artists’ space that would host twenty-one exhibitions over a period of two years. The space operated in a third floor loft at 281 N. 7th St. until August of 2004, when Drew and Flora moved to California. Champion re-opened a month later in the Culver City section of Los Angeles on the ground floor of a two-story apartment at 6073 Comey Avenue, where it operated until the completion of the project in November, 2005.

For each exhibition, the gallery would produce a desk-top published, zine-style catalog in an edition of 100. Those small books were distributed freely to gallery visitors. The page spreads that made up those catalogs now make up this book, Champion Zero.

Participating artists include: Drew Heitzler, Mai-thu Perret, Steven Parrino, Bettina Funcke, Seth Price, Kelly Walker, Monique Van Genederen, Emily Sunblad, Josh Smith, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Roe Ethridge, Shana Lutker, Jonas Wood, Matt Johnson, Scott Reeder, Tyson Reeder, Katherine Bernhardt, Brian Bress, Fia Backström, John Tremblay, James Welling, Eric Wesley, Steven Shore, Alice Konitz, Skylard Haskard, Carter Mull.

With texts by: Charles Baudelaire, Steven Parrino, Kim Gordon, Jutta Koether, Carissa Rodriguez, Jonal Nobel, Petter Kallioinen, Elizabeth Bernhardt, Sophie Carr, John Tremblay, Walead Beshty, Anna Sew Hoy, Michael Zahn.

2nd Cannons Publications 015
2008, 1st printing, edition of 500.
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