Leisure: An Art Journal - issue #0

Leisure: An Art Journal delays it's first issue by instead publishing Issue #0, a questionnaire. In issue #0 artists, writers, and gallerists were questioned regarding the nature of radness and artistic production. Participants are: Evan Holloway, Bruce Hainley, Lawrence Weiner, Michael Smith, Bruce LaBruce, Darren Bader, Mayo Thompson, AA Bronson, Jess Holzworth, Corrina Peipon, Brian Bress, Julie Lequin, Meg Cranston, Natascha Sofia Snellman, Monique Prieto, TRUDI, Drew Heitzler, Elk, Christopher Russell, Tom Allen, Catherine Taft, Betty Tompkins, Kathe Burkhart, Michael Ned Holte, Paddy Johnson, Ami Tallman, Daniel Hug, and Jason Meadows

2nd Cannons Publications 006
2007, 1st printing, edition of 500.
8.5 x 8.5" 63 pages $12.00