Skins (I'll Have a Double High Society on the Rocks)

Carter Mull

Spanning an idea over the course of a year, Mull starts with the work he did for the UCLA Hammer Museum’s first Venice Beach Biennial and tracks his interests through his discovery of a group of fashionable youth native to Los Angeles, where Mull is based. Starting from a stylistic affinity, Mull uses photography to make plastic connections between the kind of cultural bricollage of popular material evidenced in these digital flaneurs and a group of drawings he made over the course of the past two years.

Skins deluxe edition - deluxe edition of Skins is a signed/numbered book that comes with a unique print by Mull (see here). Edition of 10, book and print are 12.25 x 9.5" $150
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2nd Cannons Publications 027
2013, 1st printing, edition of 500.
12.25 x 9.5" 54 pages $40.00