Trisha Donnelly Mixtape

Matthew Grover

Pretty please don’t call her Stella. I call her †. And she was mos definitely grooving. And † never lost her groove. Instead, she switches moves-- she keeps her style in check. Checkin it is different than being in style. No trend-following for her. Get in check-- get this right: † is a trendsetter. † Dougies.

So while I get ready to say my thanks, I must first apologize to the art heads who just aren’t gonna get this because it’s neither blanketed by-- nor directed toward-- Trisha Donnelly as the subject. Sorry!

But so what? Trisha D just ain’t the subject all the fucking time. Be easy.

Trisha D turned into a symbol, like Prince did. Just keep † in mind. Keep † in check, ya dig?

Matthew Grover's Trisha Donnelly Mixtape is composed of anecdotes, dance moves, journalism, nicknames, raps, and typography. Through topics as diverse as the 2009 Los Angeles Station Fire, Color Coordination, Doug E Fresh, and Ice-T, Grover pleads for readers to wise up about such a curious subject as Trisha Donnelly.

2nd Cannons Publications 022
2010, 1st printing, edition of 500.
8.5 x 8.5" 68 pages $12.00