Fama and Fortune Bulletin
November 21, 2008 - January 10, 2009

Published out of Vienna since 1990 by Peter Pakesch and Johannes Von Schlebrügge. A limited edition magazine, each issue of Fama and Fortune Bulletin invites one or two artists to create the full content and design of the issue. The exhibition consists of all 33 issues.

Issues include: Albert Oehlen, Franz West, Martin Kippenberger, Herbert Brandl/Vadim Zakharov, Mike Kelley/Kim Gordon, Peter Kogler/On Kawara, Christopher Williams/Helmut Draxler/Timothy Martin, Christopher Wool, Gilbert Bretterbauer/Thomas Baldwin/Liz Larner, Frances Stark, Catherine Sullivan, Haim Steinbach, Pawel Althamer.

Issues of the magazine are available in our Fama and Fortune section



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